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Latest non-food offer in Lidl this week
6v or 12v battery conditioner - £13,99

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Hi Reckless, Is it safe to leave the battery in-situ whilst charging.?
(11-01-2018, 08:51 PM)Reckless Rat Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

Great bit of kit - but as I have previously posted, only so long as the ultra-cheap-crap multi selector switch holds up. Typical Lidl/Aldi - spoil ship for ha'pennyworth of tar.
Yes just connect the clamps to the battery then plug it in and leave it on all the time. It will not over-charge the battery but will keep it topped up for when you next need the car. I have an Accumate but this one from Lidl does the same job. Price is right and a three year warranty too. Got to be worth a punt.
Bought one on Monday and it's now connected to my new 80ah 6v battery that arrived this morning and, hopefully, doing its thing.

See my comment above about the switch on these. However, I too bought another one this week and I must say the switch feels more robust. Maybe, just maybe, the message got through to them.
Bought something similar which is great. It came with a set of leads and plugs. On my RP this means I now don't even have to lift the drivers seat to charge the battery. Leads are attached permanently to battery terminals and I have a little plastic plug coming out close to the drivers door so all I need to do is plug in.

Of course this means it is best to have a poorly fitting door so that the lead doesn't get squished when it is shut. I have this...
Just bought a charger from Lidl and read through the instructions. I do not have much understand of electrics and is the reason for my question here. 
I note that the 6 volt mode is for batteries with a capacity of less than 14 Ah. I suspect that our Austin 7 batteries are well above this rating and wonder if using this charger on batteries above 14 Ah will cause any problems? 

Roger - I have been using these chargers for quite some time on 6v and 12v batteries without any issues (apart from that previously mentioned weak select button). It won't bring a 6v up from an extremely low level of remaining charge but it will work fine otherwise. You are unlikely to do any damage by trying it as there are protections within the charger unit and it simply won't switch into charge mode if it isn't happy.
Having just bought a portrable, rechargeable workshop light that also has a phone charger function on it (I think people who camp and do expeditions now carry hunks of chocolate bar-sized metal to charge devices en plein air) I wonder whether a battery conditioner could work off such a device where one has a garage with no power... any thoughts?
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