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Speedo recalibration
A sllightly  late response, but on aquisition my Ruby odometer scarcely worked. In due course sent to Speedograph Richfield it worked quite a lot of the time when it came back, but has now returned to very sporadic operation. They are very quick and reliable for ordering drive cables. Speedy Cables, who operate under a variety of names in Ystradgynlais, always sound helpful on the phone but realy seem only intersted in providing for the "Historic" market.
As the driver of a Rallying Ruby, the usual , almost, sucess is due to confident and experienced navvys. Those rare occasions when we are ascending the Malverns instead of the Cotswolds, or approacning Kington instead of Knighton are wholly sttributable to non functioning odo.Thinking about installing another meter, perhaps with trip as well, the old forum came up with a discusion starting in Nov 2012. This had formerly had illustrations of improvising gears with Mecanno parts to compensate for the widely differing drives ratios off the gearbox. After the changes, the pictures have disappeared. Are they lost and gone forever, is there a way of finding them, or might the kind contributors make theimages accesible again.
Austin Harris is currently working on providing a full working copy the old Forum (we have a partial successful copy on this site but it lacks a proper search facility) of which he hopes in integrate into this one - it is a big task but I am confident that if anyone can, he can!
Whatever you do, don't take my word for it!

I experienced the symptoms you describe many years ago in my RN fitted with a Ruby speedo, I found that oil was being carried up the cable and getting into the speedo and sticking the revolving disc to the magnet. Or was it revolving magnet to disc? The more oil that got up the more optimistic the reading. About every 5000 miles I cleaned the speedo of oil.
Very interesting to hear about the oil contamination, though the operation of mine hasn't been sporadic but predictably high. Probably a different cause. We'll see.

I had the same problem as Dave with a Hillman Minx after a 800 mile run around Ireland, by the time we got home the speedo would read 80 MPH as soon as the car moved. I stripped down the speedo head and gave it a good blast of WD40 and stripped, cleaned the inner and outer cable and with a light oiling and all was working as normal.
The reading wasn't sporadic Peter, initially after cleaning it would read correct then as the oil got into the works the reading would gradually increase, the longer I left it the more oil got into the speedo and the higher the reading.

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