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Molentocht, The Netherlands 20-05-2018
Date: 20-05-2018

Molentocht, The Netherlands

I have entered the newly acquired RP saloon for the Windmill Run in May - fingers crossed (and RH European Breakdown number entered in the mobile) because the engine was rebuilt with an Austin crank, not crack-tested... Anyone else tempted to join in? It's their 30th event this year and they are hoping for 30 A7s to enter. Contact Dave & Maggie Dickinson ( and look at [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register] for more information.

The Netherlands is a great place for Austin 7s - hardly any hills, and nearly everyone can speak English and they really enjoy seeing the 'oldtimers' driving around. It's a very gentle way of getting into continental runs - plenty of other English entrants and lots of advice & help available.

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