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More pictures
I am posting these here as it seems many do not go to the gallery posts, we have Douglas Alderton to thank for alerting us to these on the Pre War Minor forum. Many are from the LAT archive and there are some real gems and the ones I have put up are just a small sample.

.jpg   Autocar-34-07-27-Austin-7-RAC-van-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 221.14 KB / Downloads: 1,001)
RAC Van pictures in mid 1934

.jpg   Austin-Seven-New-Zealand-Invercargill-to-Auckland-reliability-trial-1930-ws.jpg (Size: 134.8 KB / Downloads: 989)
1930 Reliability trial.

.jpg   LAT-Plate-E1527-Austin-Seven-trailer-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 284.44 KB / Downloads: 999)
One for Mr Dunford!

.jpg   LATPlate-4246-Austin-Seven-Taylor-Special-ws.jpg (Size: 190.11 KB / Downloads: 1,001)
Taylor with interesting body finish.

.jpg   LATplate-Red-8615-Austin-Seven-racing-car-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 279.26 KB / Downloads: 1,001)
No caption required!

.jpg   Seabrooks far north trip.jpg (Size: 110.05 KB / Downloads: 991)
Seabrook, proving that Austin Sevens could traverse even the worst NZ roads!

.jpg   LATPlate-Motor-694-13-Austin-SevenTourer-1935-ws.jpg (Size: 278.07 KB / Downloads: 990)
Location: Auckland NZ
wow - where are they great new car shots coming from?! Are those trafficator stalks common knowledge?

BTW, there is one of those trailers - similar, same wheels - for restoration.... going free tonight on carandclassic....
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Trafficator stalks are shown on Doc Spearman's 1934 AAL Open Road Tourer in the Original Austin 7, but disappeared fairly swiftly in favour of the slots behind the doors... The hood rests on that car are also different (possibly of an earlier type...)
GE Stadium

.jpg   Red-7971-G-E-Gordon-England-Stadium-Austin-Seven-Special-b-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 61.67 KB / Downloads: 888)

.jpg   1930-Gordon-Enland-Austin-Seven-Special-LAT-Red-7970-ws.jpg (Size: 136.49 KB / Downloads: 887)

.jpg   Red-7263-Mulliner-Austin-Seven-Special-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 206.33 KB / Downloads: 880)

.jpg   Red-7262-Mulliner-Austin-Seven-Special-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 176.89 KB / Downloads: 878)

.jpg   LATPlate-Red-7181-Austin-Seven-Mulliner-ws.jpg (Size: 234.9 KB / Downloads: 869)
Matchless Hawk

.jpg   LAT-Plate-Red-9197-Austin-Seven-Matchless-Hawk-Special-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 299.73 KB / Downloads: 865)

.jpg   LAT-Plate-Red-9198-Matchless-Hawk-Austin-Seven-Special-edited-ws.jpg (Size: 293.06 KB / Downloads: 850)

.jpg   LAT-Plate-Red-9199-Austin-Seven-Matchless-Hawk-Special-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 280.38 KB / Downloads: 839)

Boyd Carpenter

.jpg   LAT-Motor-Sport-Neg-Austin-7-Seven-Boyd-Carpenter-Spec-XV-9639-4-ws.jpg (Size: 242.12 KB / Downloads: 829)

.jpg   LAT-Motor-Sport-Neg-Austin-7-Seven-Boyd-Carpenter-Spec-XV-9639-5-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 259.72 KB / Downloads: 824)

.jpg   LAT-Motor-Sport-Neg-Austin-7-Seven-Boyd-Carpenter-Spec-XV-9639-ws.jpg (Size: 290.44 KB / Downloads: 815)

.jpg   LAT-Motor-Sport-Neg-Austin-seven-7-Boyd-Carpenter-Spec-XV-9639-3-ws.jpg (Size: 258.3 KB / Downloads: 812)

.jpg   LAT-Motor-Sport-Neg-Austin7-Boyd-Carpenter-Spec-XV-9639-ws.jpg (Size: 294.74 KB / Downloads: 807)

1931 Arrow sports

.jpg   1931-Arrow-Austin-Seven-Sports-Special-streamliner-Autocar-image-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 178.43 KB / Downloads: 790)

.jpg   LATplate-L3876-Austin-Seven-Burghley-Sports-Special-ws.jpg (Size: 367.9 KB / Downloads: 803)

.jpg   LATplate-L3877-Austin-Seven-Burghley-Sports-Special-ws.jpg (Size: 384.34 KB / Downloads: 791)
1924/5 Sports

.jpg   LATplate-no-ref-Austin-Seven-special-by-Christchurch-signpost-ws.jpg (Size: 376.29 KB / Downloads: 789)


.jpg   LATPlate-Red-7357-Austin-Seven-Taylor-Special-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 298.34 KB / Downloads: 773)
Taylor Ace

.jpg   LATplate-Red-7361-1930-Austin-Seven-Taylor-Ace-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 181.15 KB / Downloads: 765)

.jpg   LATplate-Red-7362-1930-Austin-Seven-Taylor-Ace-special-ed-ws.jpg (Size: 164.67 KB / Downloads: 761)
Location: Auckland NZ
Austin 7 car stuck on sand on Ninety-Mile Beach. Whites Aviation Ltd :Photographs. Ref: WA-67321-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

Site also has other interesting photos 

Attached File(s)
.jpeg   D2543BE7-DD5C-4D84-AC0F-88E5BD26903D.jpeg (Size: 65.88 KB / Downloads: 718)
More from the same source as Bryans picture 

Not the best idea for degreasing the engine! 

.jpg   mini_magick20180101-28744-xe5zhw.jpg (Size: 54.16 KB / Downloads: 729)

A E Preston butcher's Van, built by Rowse and Black in Wellington NZ

.jpg   Prestons Van 20180101-6116-18bgqdf.jpg (Size: 79.76 KB / Downloads: 733)
Location: Auckland NZ
1934 Tickford

.jpg   1934-Austin-Seven-Tickford-Seven-Saloon-Salmons.jpg (Size: 370.8 KB / Downloads: 714)

1929 Merlyn

.jpg   Autocar-29-07-5-Merlyn-Austin-Seven-1-edited-profile-ws.jpg (Size: 196.76 KB / Downloads: 711)

1928 Avon Swan Coupe

.jpg   B2279-1928-9-Austin-Seven-Avon-Swan-Coupe-ws.jpg (Size: 319 KB / Downloads: 707)

1926 Mulliner fabric

.jpg   LATPlate-RED-7647-1926-Mulliner-Austin-Seven-Fabric-Saloon-ws.jpg (Size: 282.77 KB / Downloads: 706)

Maddox fixed head coupe

.jpg   Red-8380-Austin-Seven-Maddox-Fixed-head-coupe-edited-ws.jpg (Size: 184.83 KB / Downloads: 707)


.jpg   LATPlate-L4314-Austin-Seven-Taylor-spec-ws.jpg (Size: 314.05 KB / Downloads: 700)
Location: Auckland NZ
Don't worry about it, use it, let your friends and family use it!
Many of these are LAT photos from Austin Harris'website; I am reluctant to add them to the Gallery without permission ... so, how do you feel about it, Austin?
I've emailed the Minor Forum with one update - theirs are all LAT archive and one "Special" was obviously the Arrow bodied in a 1934 Road text report. I wonder if there is a chance that we could get our hands on some of the original images for the Dec 1933 Light Car magazine article on the 65. Does anyone know if that publication was part of that LAT business, or if not, where Light Car archives might reside?
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