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MCC Exeter Trial, Devon 06-01-2018
Date: 06-01-2018

MCC Exeter Trial, Devon

There are 3 Sevens entered on the Exeter trial this year. Alan Bee on the main trial, and Stuart Palmer & Alan Mills on class 0.
Lots of other interesting cars, of all ages, and always a great spectacle.
I will post the hill locations and times when we get this years instructions through.
I can report that the Ulsteroid is back together, having had a back axle rebuild. I took it on a 8 mile road test today, about all I could stand in 4 degrees without full on trials gear on!

Have you got an entry list then Timothy?

Looking forward to it!

Hello Stuart,
Glad to hear the Ulster is fighting fit again.
Yes, Dad's an MCC member and got the entry list in the 'News of the Week'.
Can't wait.
ahh I have entered under vscc, so haven't had that. We have a reversing light, map reading poti, and a dynamo which works for the first time in about 5 years! Just need to sort out some blanking for the radiator as I had to run on full choke most of the time yesterday. would it be possible to email me the entry list please?

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