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Chummy Headlamps
Is anyone aware of a modern headlamp reflector that can be grafted into a Chummy headlamp shell?
If so, where can that be got?
Hello Alan. I am assuming that you are referring to 'scuttle' lamps, Lucas 510's etc. I too would be interested in any positive responses as replacement reflectors are something I have been looking for for a long time - without success.
The nearest I have seen are 5" modern spot lamp reflectors but the difficulty is mounting them - the ones I have seen have been 'bodged' in with copious amounts of black silicon sealer and they have been 12v sealed beam units.
regards from the creative county - Staffordshire
Some scooter reflectors are about the right size but I did not get round to buying any
You’d need to figure out a new bulb holder
I think though, especially if you wanted old style bulbs.

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
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I have these lamps on my seven they work well.I changed the bulbs to halogen and adapted some small Led's for the sidelights.
If you want dimensions of the actual len's part e-mail me .

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