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Image test
Hello Geoff, I have copied this from one of my earlier posts.

"Maybe an addition that max file size is 4MB, and that some Ipad users may struggle to add multiple photos to a single post, as many of the file names created on the ipad are the same."

In essence the Ipad names most all pictures the same, from what I have read it even turns files from elsewhere into this format. I have no idea how it does this but it has been suggested that it uses the 'exif' date to call them up. Almost everything else will not accept 2 files with the same name in the same folder, the forum being no exeption. So when you try to upload a second image into the same post the forum cannot save the second file with the same name as it has a file with that name already.

I have looked into it as best I can (I don't have an Ipad myself), but it appears that there maybe apps available to rename files, but some seem to say this interferes with how the photos appear in the 'photos' app or 'camera roll'.

I believe it should allow you to add a different photo to each post regardless of the name. So adding one photo then a new post for the next and so on 'should' work. So long as someone doesn't post in between, it should merge the posts (with a line in between).

Trying to replicate the conditions with 2 files of same name. First I'll complete the post with the one.


Now clicked 'new reply again and add the second. Fingers Crossed.


By Jove I think we've got it.

Success, note that as no one has posted between it has merged my posts, with the line in between dividing the separate replies.

The three photos On my post were saved on my iPad from my pc all named differently, as JPEGs.
They were inserted ok the iPad did not alter them.
It may be best to import photos from a pc, but then you may as well do it directly from the pc in the first place. The problem must be from photos taken directly on the iPad.

Location:- Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.
Thank you Roger. So if images are transferred to the Ipad from elsewhere, or downloaded, and they have different file names on the way in, it should be possible to post a number of them in the same post without trouble. If taken with the camera on the Ipad then they may exhibit the file name issues. This may all be model and update dependant, but I didn't find any concrete evidence one way or another. Probably best for Ipad users to give it a go, if it doesn't allow the second photo to upload in the one post as per my original instructions (page 6, post #54), then the one per post method (page 8, post #71) is the best option, that is if you prefer to post from the Ipad rather than a computer.
Thought I'd also be brave and try posting some photos of my recently nearly completed GE Cup lookalike.


The starting point


Body fabrication


Body covered

.jpg   IMG_1115.JPG (Size: 144.88 KB / Downloads: 127)

Nearly finished

.jpg   IMG_1182.JPG (Size: 152.88 KB / Downloads: 127)

First short drive
Thanks Timothy.
Something I didn't know.
The photos where taken using my iPhone then xferred to the iPad for Photogene use.
I haven't used my desktop/laptop for Internet useage for years now, other than the occasional bit of searching.
Will give your suggestion a try.

Geoff - Foot repairing itself slowly after being attacked by the vice handle.
    Image test .. old iPad 2

... success Big Grin
Thanks to all concerned, first rate job ?
I better try it here first, so fingers crossed!

.jpg   BRDSCF0450, 700pix.jpg (Size: 160.34 KB / Downloads: 41)

.jpg   BRDSCF0462, 700pix.jpg (Size: 179.53 KB / Downloads: 43)


Well that was straightforward and congrats to the web team for giving us an in house photo hosting facility.

Onwards and upwards,


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