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AD Chummy 1927/8 & RK saloon 1929
        I have run out of space and need to reduce my stable of Sevens! The AG is still "work in progress" & I think will be a keeper so the Chummy & the RK may have to go. . Both these cars I found on the west coast of the USA having been imported in the mid 80's (AD) & early 90's (RK). I have had a lot of fun ( & a good few bills!) getting them into shape. Both had been restored before they went to Seattle, one to San Francisco and had sympathetic owners. I have rewired both with correct armoured cable, fettled brakes & carburation (including clearing out fuel tanks so they now drive more than 5 miles without spluttering to a stop! I did 50 miles the other day in the Chummy without any trouble. I have got rid of all the Phillips & Posi headed self tappers and purged the Unified bolts! Both cars are on their original Registration Numbers & have some interesting history files and all the import documentation is done, of course... It was an interesting learning curve! They both drive very nicely and pretty lustily. Oil pressure is as it should be and the dynamos work well. Both cars have new batteries, the RK new tyres all round.
I seem to have repeated the RK photo & cannot remove it!!

If you are interested send me a PM & we can take it from there, the AD is near Stratford on Avon, the RK near Burford.

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