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how to insert photo in post
struggling does one insert a photo in a post?  When I click on the icon, it asks for a URL.  As I understand URL, this is the address of a location on the internet.  My photos are on the hard drive of my computer, not on the web.  Also tried copy and paste to no avail.  I'm sure it must be simple...too simple for this simpleton.  Help!  Steve
Hi Steve,

See here: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

Look below your post where it says 'new attachment'.
Press 'browse' and select a picture from your drive.
Press 'add attachment'.
The file will then appear in a 'list' at the bottom of the post (well, it's a list if you add more than one attachment!)
You then select the attachment you want to insert, place your cursor where you want it to go in your message, and press 'insert into post'.
You will only see the link at first, to view the final effect press the 'preview post' button.

edit: doh! R beat me to it...
here are the images that go along with my previous post...hope this works!


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