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RL Windscreen.
I’ve finally repaired my windscreen frame and fitted the new weatherstrip and glazing strip. What I’d like to know is what goes, if anything between the hinge and the body?  Ive purchased a strip of rubber that looks kind of T shaped that’s advertised for 1930 but can’t really work out how it would fit. There
 was just sealant there when I removed the screen hinge. 
Thanks in advance.
When I did my RL I made sure the front end of the fabric roof covering was turned right over the front peak of the roof so it is clamped by the windscreen hinge, I didn't fit any rubber strip between the two.  Twenty years on it has worked very well with no leaks (at least at that point!)
I think the important thing is the condition of the timber across the front of the roof.  Mine was replaced so I knew that when I fixed the windscreen I was screwing into something solid.
Thank you, I’ve discovered with a rubber strip you can’t open the screen anyway so it’s gone together without and all fits well.

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