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1928 Radiator Size
I have need to sort a radiator for my cup. It is 1928 with mag engine and the cowl with it is pictured below.

I have various tanks etc here and plan to make something up to suit out of those. It would be useful to know what size the radiator should actually be.

Clearly so long as my core fills the hole in the rad without the tanks being visible I'm onto a winner. I suspect my later tanks are a tad wider but it would be good to confirm.

Can anyone also help with a photo of the requisite bracketry which holds the rad in the cowl at the base?

Thanks in advance.

[Image: 008_1777.jpg]
Rad feet...

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Are they not Box Saloon ones? The ones on my chummy are different to that.
There are two types available - only one is pictured.

My rad cowl is too fragile to take the weight of the rad itself.

I made a couple of lazy Z shaped brackets with little bits of ali channel lined with rubber for the rad to sit on - not bolted, just free sitting, - the lower ends held either on the U bolt or the shocker mounts (I can't remember) - its has been effective for over 30 years.

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