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Raising Brooklands aero screen
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how best to raise brooklands screens on my special.
Presently screens do not give any face protection, have already lowered the seating position but as I'm 6ft tall I still lack protection.
Many thanks
I’ve seen a few where they are mounted onto a wooden base which may raise up the screen by a couple of inches. I’m thinking the same for my Ulster Rep.  I’d post a photo if I knew how!
There is also the option for larger glass. Talk with John Kimble at Kimble Engineering in Devon; helpful guy. They make the screens and have different mounts available.
Suffolk, UK

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Have a look at page 94 of the What have you done with your Austin today thread. My special has Brooklands screens mounted on a wooden plinth across the body

Here's another picture of them.

.jpg   screen.JPG (Size: 54.14 KB / Downloads: 301)
I raised the aeroscreen on my GE Brooklands by mounting it on a piece of ash 1" thick which is cut to the profile of the body.  I painted the ash satin black.    If I can find a photo I will try and get it posted.
I'm not sure if there would be that much gain.

You get so much turbulence over, under, and around. I would think it all comes together and hits you in the face anyway.

They used to call them flyscreens, I must admit. I still seem to get the little buggers in my goggles.

It may be worth looking at a full fold flat screen.

That way you get the choice of the wind deflecting over the top, or screen down, go faster. And put up with the wind and flies.

Classic sport specials were not built for
Comfort they.were built for fun.and wind in your
Hair? What next a heater ? Just have fun with it .
My problem I ask questions that other people don't like?
Like have you got that for an investment or for fun?
I've made different mounts for aero screens using 3mm ali sheet. It can be a simple triangular shape with a folded flange to bolt down but it needs a large thick washer the take up the slack left by the thick mounting castings. I prefer the mounting to be across the line of the screen, in line with the direction of travel and as there is no folding main windscreen to allow for, it gives a more rigid mount which will not distort the scuttle if you want to adjust the angle of the screen.
I'll try to find some pics.

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Aeroscreens are fun but tiring when driving long distance. Approaching 90 mph in a aeroscreened Caterham I was hit in the face by what I think was a bumble bee. It hurt...and probably didn't do a lot for the bee.
No chance of doing 90 mph in my Seven, no more than 50!

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