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Austin Ulster replica- Opinions
Hi guys!

I have an opportunity to purchase an Ulster replica and wanted to have your opinions first Smile
The chassis number of the car is 75889 (dates 1928/29) and the motor number is M270489 (dates to 1937).
I also include some pics Smile
Any idea of what do you think this car worth would be valuable for me and of course any general opinion.

Thanks a lot!
.jpg   43183c4b-12fc-476c-b516-50fdf259a27f.jpg (Size: 64.33 KB / Downloads: 427)    
Looks nice to me Ben. If we are being open and honest that it's a replica then a 'sympathetic' approach matters more than details. At least it is on a short chassis not the longer type. Engine will be later 3-bearing type which is OK 《IF》 the guy who built it knew what he was doing.... I'm not sure anyone here can tell you about pricing in Israel, it may be very different from 'here'.
Another consideration is body material which should be aluminium and steel. If glassfibre/resin worth less. No idea how much! Cheers,
Thank you so much guys! it is an aluminum body indeed.
Do you have any idea of relevant price for this one in the UK? Even a gross range will be valuable Smile
I have to admit that a left hand drive A7 whether it be an Ulster "replica/lookalike" or otherwise is a bit of a rarity, but whether that would make any difference to its value is debateable. It is after all a "special" or a "kit car", not a real Ulster so its value can only be based on what you're prepared to pay for it. Some more photos of the cabin and under the bonnet would be helpful and some information as to where it came from might help. Shame the rad cowl etc has had the chrome stripped off.
In my humble opinion, A good Special or Ulsteroid will cost approx £12,000
To £16,000 here if properly sorted.

A real one , very few around £30,000+

The LHD is interesting where did this car come from originally?


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Hi Ben,

As see above from others, priceing things is hard. And most don't like to attemp it.

Normally the value is decided by the parts going into the build. And the quality of the build.

As sed above things like body material, seeing inside the cockpit for what dials are used. Is the engine pheonix cranked. Close ratio gearbox. Aluminium flywheel. Are there manufacturer names that can be added to the value. Roach body, engine by pigsty. It all adds or detracts from a car and it's value.

We can also in the UK go buy previous cars that have sold. Last year a part built Ulster rep sold in auction for £12,500 the highest price ive seen an Ulster rep sell for was £27,500 BUT IT WAS A STUNNING BUILD.

This is only a guess from what can be seen, and the left hand drive may devalue the car in the UK. I think it would be £14,000 to £17,000 IF. The car was on right hand drive.

also worth remembering on UK prices, if you are looking to buy the car and sell over here. The austin seven world is not easily parted from its pennies. So bottom valuations are easier to get than top ones Wink

As we know bottom prices or less are wanted when buying and top prices when selling.

Good luck with it, Tony
Is it actually on a short chassis? There seems to be a big space to me between the arm cut outs and the back wings.

Measure the wheelbase to check, or take a photo of the rear end of the chassis or just the axle.
A short chassis left hand drive is a new one on me,
The pedal layout must be interesting.
Must admit, when I first looked at it I thought the tail was a bit long.

But when a car is pictured on an angle, it's hard to tell.

With people being taller nowadays, it's not necassarily a negative thing.

Also I thought it's nice to have correct R47 headlamps, but is it just me. Do they look to big. There is a larger size R57 ?


Ps, it looks strange having a right hand DASH, with a left hand WHEEL.

So the body should be rod yates if long wheel base, people do like rods work.


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