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Trailer loan or hire
Having sold my short trailer I now find its replacement is heavier than anticipated and regret the sale! I've just come back from a Pembleton rally in the Pyrenees and while the trailer and camper performed well it's a heavy and thirsty combination.
I have to tow the Austin behind my Kangoo ( better mpg!) to central France for le Puy Notre-Dame on the 20/21 July and would like to borrow or hire a short trailer for the 10 or so days around that weekend.
Anyone in the Ripon,York,Harrogate, Thirsk area able and willing to oblige? A case of good Rosé d'Anjou is on offer as an incentive...
Arrived here yesterday, staying with Longchap in Le Puy and,fingers crossed, all ready for tomorrow evening's nocturnal "demonstration".

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