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Autokarna 2019
We attended autokarna 2019 what were peoples thaughts? This used to be the main event in the A7 rally calendar but now feel it's getting less and less supported by A7 owners, I was the only Ulster rep entered in the show, there used to be rows of box's, Ruby's, specials, and also the main arena has now been done away with where we used to do driving tests, games and parade the cars around, I just wondered what other people thaught of the event? It just seems to me like every year it's getting less coverage by A7s, Also to add there was no judging this year either, perhaps it's a sign of the times who knows, answers on a postcard......

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I picked up a few smashing bits and pieces in the autojumble, so no gripes there!
But I was there primarily for the shopping and also I spent the night in the car ("camping"), so I brought the Micra up from Bedford rather than the Ulster rep.
Let's face it the weather was lousy both before and since, pure luck that we had lovely sunshine on the day. I expect many people remember the torrential rain of a couple of years back & stayed at home.
I don't think your photo does the event justice. By lunch the Seven area was full of cars, upward of a hundred, of all descriptions plus the added attraction of a good few larger Austins. There was around five hundred or so of many other marques, including bikes, to suit all tastes. People came in their thousands, perhaps not all to look at old cars, but it made for a good atmosphere. The new car show offered everything from a humble Dacia to a Lamborghini! As Chris says there was an excellent autojumble with some good stuff, although some traders I believe stayed away anticipating inclement weather. Yes, we were very lucky with the weather and this was a great bonus. Regarding the past antics, health and safety put paid to them some time ago. I prefer to look on the positive side...and anyway, it didn't cost you anything to enter!

Chris ( past organiser, this year just a humble entrant. )
Yes I agree about the picture not doing justice to Autokarna although unfortunately I had to cancel this year. Perhaps in future years the Austin Sevens could be parked facing uphill so that when photos were taken the rest of the other makes of car could be seen in the background. On another point a I was always told that you should try not to park your seven facing downhill to prevent oil leakage from the front of the engine through the starting handle.

John Mason.
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

Makes 'em easier to bump-start though John!
At the risk of offending some people, for which I apologise, I believe, as an event, Autokarna has run its course. I don’t say this lightly, but feel my involvement over the years gives me some right to say what I think. Years ago, it was an event run by the PWA7C for Austin 7 owners. It is no longer. It’s become an event organised by a few stalwarts of the Pwa7c for other makes of car, which outnumber 7s by at least 5to1 and for the general public of Nottingham. As far as the Austin7 world is concerned it’s a waste of resource, made worse by the fact that Nottingham Corporation take the lions share of the profits. That resource could be spent elsewhere- like an Austin 7 focussed event, somewhat smaller, but with A7 activities, maybe a road run, technical seminars, judging and the like. I know people go for the auto jumble, but the main A7 crowd would still attend. After all, how much A7 stuff does a mk10 jaguar exhibitor buy?
Alan Fairless
Good to read your words alan, many sadly shy away from being honest.

For me, (mainly as a stall holder ). It was a mixed event.

I was up another couple of places, due to lack of stall holder. Now 14 / 15. Give it another 30 years and I'll have Mr barlows spot Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

But seriously, most of the row next to the road was empty, much like last year.

I've had a couple of bad years at woolaton recently, but happier to say this year was on the side of being worth attending.

Stall numbers are likely to fall further though, I was wondering if it was time to drop to one stall. And have heard a couple who travel further suggesting it may be time to knock it on the head.

I would like to suggest an answer for it, but sadly can't. I've done all this for far to long, and seen what happens if you try to move from an event? usually it's not good. Woolaton used to have a road run on saterday. But chris garner will im sure be honest enough to tell us all how few joined in? So is the answer to do test etc.

Half the problem for car numbers being down, must in part be for many owners either getting to old to be bothered. Or people just ain't getting the same enjoyment from the event. So can't be bothered.

The other half is down to the clubs, many by now will realise I'm not fully ok with modern day clubs.

They are seen to run purly for there members?

You may say so they should, but if you don't step outside your CLICK. Then how do you get new people interested. clubs and events will only get smaller as members all die off.

Same as woolaton, I can't say I sore any advertising for the event. Can't remember anything on here.


On the same note, and another under performing club, IS THERE A 750 BEAULIEU THIS YEAR. I've not heard anything for definite. AND THERE HAS BEEN NOTHING ON HERE.

I'll bet the only advertising for the event IF it is happening, is in there club magazine.

Perhaps the same as woolaton, the same old click. Minus those who have sadly passed away in the last 12 months.

Call me an old synic or tell me I'm wrong. I don't mind.

Ok dumb question time, I attended Autokarna once, a few years ago now it was a good event, very wet and flooded some stalls, think I had to wade to reach Tony! Despite this still appeared to a good event, not quite in the same league as 750 Beaulieu but worthwhile for a seven owner. So the question, if the event was successful previously why have the organisers seen fit to change the format, can they not learn from these mistakes and make improvements in future years, or is it too late now and has the support and goodwill been lost?
Black Art Enthusiast 
Although I missed Woolaton this year unfortunately I was ill and had to cancel. I do not consider myself an Austin Seven anorak although I own a Ruby and belong to the PWA7C. I am interested in all older cars and in fact anything with an engine. I do not buy much from Autokarna but do get all my spares from various cherished suppliers by Royal Mail or carriers such as Hermes and have on accassions visited Tony Betts at his place in Huncote. Long live Autokarna.

John Mason.
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.


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