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3 Speed release bearing spacer
Somewhere I have read about placing a spacer within the releas bearing to take up the wear caused by the 3 release fingers.Does anyone sell these or is a drawing available please.
Seems easier to do this than remachine 3 new slots.All other parts of the clutch mechanism are new.
If you have a lathe I use this fix, build up the wear with weld then skim the internal face back to its original dimension, The loose ring dodge would be simple enough to make at home but will alter the position of the toggles which will then need to be reset to suit. I would also suggest that to mark out hacksaw and file three new slots is a workable fix and within the capability of most with no access to machine tools.
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Hi Ian, thanks for reply.I don't have enough travel at the clutch pedal, the pedal lever touches the crankcase preventing further pedal movement the clutch does not clear.
I don't want to bend the levers, not sure they would bend anyway without heat as they are new cast ones and are hardened in the manufacturing process.
Ian Bancroft, I believe, has had a batch of " bendable " levers made.
Thanks Chris, I don't want bendable levers and now have a spacer to go between the the 3 levers and the slotted housing

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