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VSCC Welsh Rally - Presteigne 07-10-2017 08-10-2017
Starts: 07-10-2017
Ends: 08-10-2017

VSCC Welsh Rally - Presteigne

Anyone going to the Welsh Rally this year? Trying to get some sort of running order or day plan but not a member of the VSCC... Has anyone got any event details?
They usually post spectator instructions in the week before, so I'd expect to see them relatively soon (Last year they were only released on the Friday). They have detail of the hills that you can spectate at, the locations, and parking instructions, as well as the entry list, and are usually posted in the news section, which I believe can be viewed by non members. If this doesn't happen, and they appear in a members only section, I will seek permission, and post here or email them to you depending on the result.
Spectator information is now available. [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]
We had a great afternoon in Wales on Saturday. We watched at the designated spectator section of 'Badlands', I believe it had rained in the morning so the section was very challenging. There were a number of points that put an end to competitors progress, a slippery and steep rise from a ditch, and the perhaps even more slippery stop/restart being the main stumbling blocks. The section was set back from Badlands Farm, where 'Ralphs Cider & Perry' were also holding their open weekend with displays of vintage machinery, presses, tractors and stationary engines. There were old tractors running rides to the hill, there was a 1903 Wallis & Steevens traction engine which did a couple of rides too.

Unfortunately we missed a few runners at the start, which somehow managed to include the winners of 3 of the 4 classes. Nevertheless there was a great range of machinery, and of course lots of sevens flying the flag. I took a lot of photos, and videos. The videos have quite a bit of wind noise, which I hope won't detract too much from the action. (I have plans to improve this in future).

Trophies were awarded as follows
The Harry Bowler Memorial Trophy (Best performance overall)
128 Simon Price 1930 Ford Model A Special 396 Points

The Presteigne Trophy (Best performance in the opposite class)
279 Gareth Graham 1925 Bentley 3/4.5 Litre 388 Points

The Smatcher Trophy (Best performance by a competitor not winning any other award, and having never won an award at this event before) 
165 James Price 1930 Austin 7 GE Cup Replica 344 Points

The Judges Gavel For the best score out of the ten youngest competitors and not winning any other award.
149 Matt Price 1930 Austin 7 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica 324 Points

I'll include the top 5's & or award winners in each class

Class 1a 1a - Short Wheelbase Standard Cars
112 Matthew Blake 1922 GN Vitesse              343 Points     1st class award
105 Charles Gillett  1923 Bugatti Brescia        340 Points     2nd class award
101 David Johnson 1928 Austin 7 AD Tourer  241 Points 
107 Nicholas Beck  1929 Austin 7 AD Tourer  239 Points 
103 Louis Parkin    1927 Trojan Utility           219 Points 

& The class winner Matthew Blake's 1922 GN Vitesse

Class 1b - Short Wheelbase Modified and Special 
128 Simon Price         1930 Ford Model A Special                   396 Points 1st Class Award
138 Richard Houlgate 1930 Austin 7 Special                          376 Points 1st Class Award
130 Stephen Fathers  1929 Austin 7 Abbot Special                 374 Points 1st Class Award
135 Jon Fleming        1928 Austin 7 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica 373 Points 1st Class Award
127 Stewart Rich       1930 Austin 7 Paxton Special                372 Points 1st Class Award 
120 Jonathan Mellor  1930 Austin 7 Special                           371 Points 1st Class Award
122 Nigel Glover       1929 Austin 7 Special                           367 Points 2nd Class Award
131 Alan Bee            1926 Austin 7 AD Tourer                      365 Points 2nd Class Award 
141 Ian Webb           1930 Austin 7 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica 360 Points 2nd Class Award
157 Donald Skelton   1930 Austin 7 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica 357 Points 2nd Class Award
148 Terry Gosling      1930 Austin 7 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica 352 Points 3rd Class Award
144 Peter Tierney      1928 Austin 7 Special 'Pandora'            350 Points 3rd Class Award
156 Matt Johnston     1928 Austin 7 Special                          349 Points 3rd Class Award
126 Peter Kite           1921 GN-JAP Sports                            348 Points 3rd Class Award
166 George Diffey     1930 Austin 7 EA Sports Replica            348 Points 3rd Class Award

Some Photos of cars not in the video

1st Class Award Stephen Fathers 1929 Austin 7 Abbot Special

1st Class Award Jonathan Mellor 1930 Austin Seven Special

2nd Class Award Ian Webb 1930 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica

3rd Class Award Matt Johnston 1928 Austin Seven Special

3rd Class Award George Diffey 1930 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica

Smatcher Trophy James Price 1930 GE Cup Replica 

More Photos, and Long wheelbase classes to follow...
Peter Bishop 1928 AD Tourer

Dennis Johnson 1929 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica 

Steve Jones 1930 Chummy 

Jane Bickerstaff 1930 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica

Nigel Coulter & David Cochrane 1930 AE Tourer

Class 2a - Long Wheelbase Standard Cars 
209 Dennis Bingham    1930 Ford Model A                     295 Points 1st Class Award
206 Luke Roberts        1906 Bianchi 28/40 Tonneau       270 Points 1st Class Award
200 Matthew Roberts   1929 Ford Model A                    265 Points 2nd Class Award 
213 Christopher Crook 1930 Ford Model A Tudor Saloon 262 Points 2nd Class Award 
204 John Dobson        1929 Ford Model A                     215 Points 3rd Class Award

Class 2b - Long Wheelbase Modified and Special 
279 Gareth Graham       1925 Bentley 3/4.5 Litre Tourer                    388 Points 1st Class Award & The Presteigne Trophy 
283 John Chilman         1929 Chrysler 65 Phaeton                             358 Points 1st Class Award
285 Paul Jeavons          1924 Vauxhall 30-98 OE-E Type Velox Tourer 352 Points 1st Class Award
286 Charlotte Collings   1925 Bentley 3/4.5 Litre Tourer                     337 Points 2nd Class Award
280 Graham White       1929 Lea Francis P Type Tourer                     333 Points 2nd Class Award
270 Richard Edmonds   1925 Chrysler B-70 Tourer                            332 Points 2nd Class Award
259 Roger Tolson         1930 Lea Francis P Type                               331 Points 2nd Class Award
253 Robert Hodgkinson 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton                          325 Points 3rd Class Award 
258 Tim Kemp              1930 Austin Franklin Special                         325 Points 3rd Class Award
263 Ben Shepperd         1929 Riley 9 Tourer                                    324 Points 3rd Class Award
273 John Higgs             1929 Morris Cowley Special                          318 Points 3rd Class Award
287 Craig Collings         1928 Delage DR70 Tourer                            313 Points 3rd Class Award
268 Charlotte Bowyer    1928 Ford Model A Phaeton                          311 Points 3rd Class Award

Hope you've enjoyed this, do reply if you have.
Excellent post, Timothy, very enjoyable!
Thank you very much Mike, really glad you enjoyed it.
Thanks Timothy - I really enjoyed watching the videos and looking at the photos. Sorry that I missed seeing you at Badlands - probably focussed on the stop & restart! I hope that you enjoyed your day.

All the best,
Thank you David, glad you enjoyed the videos and photos. Thetwo of you and the chummy looked on great form, made the restart look straightforward. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend too.

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