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What did your car do in the War, daddy?
My dad’s RN which I now drive regularly was in use for about half of the war duration. My dad was the maintenance man at an engineering firm which made clutches (for army vehicles?) He was also a fire watcher. I have the insurance certificates for all through the war for it. I remember in the 50’s and 60’s it still had white lines painted round the mudguards.
As above if you car had signs of white paint around its mudguards its was used during the war as was Dads old 1933 Box.
The tyres would but the hubs will not not fit due to the penny fittings in different position
I am always interested in any information about Rosengart details or current owners.
Nothing to do with Austin 7s, but, interestingly, my maternal grandfather, a dental surgeon in Sheffield, had his Vulcan car fitted with an ambulance body during the First World War and used it to transport injured soldiers from the Midland Railway Station to the then Collegiate Crescent military hospital, just above his practice on Ecclesall Road. Uncle Norman related a story of driving a badly-burnt man so carefully that he let the tyres down as far as he dare, put the wheels in the tramlines and drove the whole way in first gear. After the war the body was removed and replaced by an open-tourer type for the summer and a saloon for the winter.

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