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1935 Pearl headlining
Does anyone have any photos of what a 1935 Pearl headlining should be like?  In particular, how is the strap that holds the rolled hood attached?

I have a photo (attached) of the back of an original headlining, which seems to show a 6-inch wide piece of material going towards the front of the car, with this strap possibly attached to it.  But unfortunately I didn't take more photos as I didn't have a Pearl at the time, so I'm not sure how/where the strip of material is attached to the hood itself.

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I have a strap like this sewn onto the side of the hood at the front, as you roll the hood up is stays inside and then clips over the furulle (not sure that is the correct term??) that sticks out of the top of the hood iron to stop it unrolling.

Could you take a photo of it please Ruairidh?  I've finally got round to this job again...

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