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accuspark wiring
I am going to fit my accuspark distributor tomorrow its been sitting here for six months, its for negative earth car there is no wiring diagram in the box!, its got a red wire and a black wire who can tell me please which wire goes where. I have blown a unit years ago when wired wrongly on a jaguar regards to all Rob.
The red lead needs to be fed from +6V so the +ve terminal of the coil or back to the IGN on the switch panel should suffice. Black wire should be connected to the -ve side of the coil in the same way that the old distributor points were connected. The distributor ground is through the body and I have a second earth lead from the dynamo body to earth to ensure good contact is made.

The red wire goes to the ignition feed side of the coil (SW) and the black wire goes to the points side (CB).

I have found it benificial to use a coil which gives at least 1.5 ohms of protection and also to ensure the two wires are secured very tightly.

thanks for that I did not want another unit to go,I can follow quite complex wiring diagrams but really its all electrickery to me thanks again Rob.
The most useful link I found with diagrams is this one: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

There is other documentation here: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]
Note there are different ones for positive and negative earth cars. 

Seemed odd to me too that the actual distributor didn't come with any printed instructions.

You should have a wiring diagram written by Vince Leek ,( copied from DoA7c website ) Accuspark say they commissioned Vince Leek to write it, Vince says he has never spoken to them.
The wiring diagram mentioned above is for the Dynamator, not the distributor.


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