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Hi all,

I am currently trying to recommission 2 Austin 7s prior to selling them. The cars belong to my father in law, but he hasn't used either of them for 3 years. They were in perfect working order when he stopped using them (mainly as he is getting to old)

I am starting with the Opal Tourer 1935. After all the usual checks I have now got the car running. It ticks over very well, albeit a little slowly, and I can increase revs smoothly. However once I reach higher revs the car then just dies on me. I am thinking it may be fuel starvation. There is about a third of a tank in there, so I am thinking maybe a carb problem with the car being stood for so long.

I wondered iof you could give any advice of things to look for?

I will only move on to the other car, a Nippy, when this one is running reliably. Hopefully we can the sell both cars!

Thanks in advance.

If the cars have been standing for any length of time, you may find that the crud in the tank has migrated to the fuel pickup area, which is in the little well in the tank just above the drain plug. I suggest you take the drain plug out and drain the tank and refill with a gallon or so of fresh fuel. At the same time, try blowing the fuel line out from the pump connection back to the tank.
Thanks for that, I will give it a go.
Also check the main jet - it sounds like it's partially blocked, and as David says, there will be more crud in the system and the whole system may need flushing.Try disconnecting the pipe to the pump, and just fill the float bowl with fresh fuel - it won't last long but it should be long enough to build the revs up and see if it then runs properly.
Apart from the other useful suggestions you have already had, check the filter in the fuel pump as well, and the filter in the banjo connection at the carb if you have not already done so.
Robert Leigh

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