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Sevens at Silverstone
There are probably far better snappers than myself ready to load exciting photos of Sevens racing in the Siberian plains, or Northamptonshire as it is sometimes known, but here are a couple of pictures from yesterday morning. I know the Bentley boys are very proud and noisy, but seeing Sevens in a paddock jammed full of vintage cars makes me very happy indeed to have a Seven. What other model of car can demonstrate such a wide range of versions, all genuinely based on the original.

125, William Kirk's Monoposto; 114, Ian Grant's A7 Special



 141, Philip Parkinson's AD Tourer




Scott Coe's 1937 Ruby alongside a certain 1935 Ruby. Scott earns many bravery points for having the only competition Seven with an original three bearing crank!

An acknowledgment to one of the cherished suppliers who make our lives possible. Fuel filler problems caused me to stop en route from South Wales to Silverstone to stop at Mark Greening's at Alderton to seek a little help. Despite being at short notice, Mark and his team changed the short rubber hose connecting the fuel filler pipe to the top of the tank. Yes, what is theoretically just one short hose and two jubilee clips need many, preferable tiny, hands and numbers of highly trained technicians, and considerable time and patience. A job wholly outwith the capacity of this elderly owner with arthritic fingers. Many thanks Mark. Perhaps someone should consider a conversion to scuttle tank for Rubies, or can we just take the angle grinder to the battery box and tool bin, and bolt on a box saloon tank.

Good to meet you yesterday Steve,  must be the first time 2 Rubies have entered a VSCC competition, I enjoyed it very much.  How was the water leak ?

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