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Austin Seven van coffee...
I had a birthday again recently.

My lovely sister in law bought me this...


Many happy returns. I'm presuming you will have organised some marketing advice for a new 'After Dinner' line - a quick and zesty GE cup - before the week is out...?

What is the back story for the van art work? An enthusiast? Twould be rather good to see an Austin 7 barista van instead of all those dull dumpy Citroens and 3 wheel Piaggios!
Thank you for the wishes, but I have no idea Jon, I was rather hoping somebody would though...

Many happy returns Ruairdiadh
Happy 30th Wink

Old man.
Happy birthday.

Check out     [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]        'about us'
for a Photograph of the van

Thanks PJ and Tony!

So the van is real Roger - great!

Hello again R.  Great mug (the cup not your face!).  As an artist I'm a bit worried about the rear-wheel steering though!  And a Happy Birthday, plus a Happy Easter to Tanya and the girls.   Cheers,  Bill in Oz
They send the same to you!


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