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French speed limits
Be warned that the french authorities have the means of accessing information about british cars and their drivers. Yesterday I received a penalty notice all in correct english giving details of my infringement: I had exceeded the 70 kph limit which exists on a lot of cross roads of departmental main routes, other parts of which are subject to a universal limit of 80 kph. It seems to me that the number of speed cameras in France is increasing, they are less visible lacking the black and yellow stripes of the earlier ones, and they are following up infringements more avidly than they used to. In my case the 'violation' took place on 25/11/2018 at 0928 on the D928, and the notice arrived on 12/4/2019, so don't assume that after a month or so you are 'in the clear'. I am now thinking that another flash I caused more recently will probably cost me another 45 euros. Perhaps Reckless has a useful comment.
Robert Leigh
"Obey the speed limits ??"
Well I got one about 3 weeks ago from first week of September. They make it really easy. Even the payment website is in English.
Alan Fairless
Whilst I agree in principle Bob it's not always easy to keep up with the different and constantly changing road traffic rules, especially if you are crossing several borders in the course of your trip. Back in the day common sense would see you through but I feel this is no longer really the case.
The simplest solution is to pay up ( quickly) and take the fine. As a uk licence holder you wont have points awarded (or deducted if youre French - it works the other way round. Delay payment and the fine doubles. No protest will be entertained unless you pay up first. Since the "gilets jaunes" wrecked a large number of fixed camera sites the authorities have changed tactics. There are more and more "radar tronçon" (average speed cameras) and a new system coming on line which is mounted on a 4m high mast and can not only detect speeders but will also photograph mobile phone users or those not wearing seat belts. There are also more unmarked police cars patrolling with speed detection equipment. Overtake one at your peril!
Beware of cars with a 75 plate if you're not in Paris!
Yes, I got one too! Also arrived yesterday for doing 76KPH in a 70KPH limit in Eastern France. Just paid the 45Euro. It seems that you are only allowed 1KPH over the limit! Violation Notice.

The only good thing about it was the word Republique...I like that indeed! Liberté, Égalité Fraternité of the page...marvellous sentiments, once the irish have united and the Scots become independent, maybe our speeding fines will say similar!

At least over here we seem to be allowed 10% + 2MPH leeway, though I have to add that one is supposed to drive carefully within limits of course.

Still when the 5G phones and camera systems come in here and speed limits are enforced via onboard transponders and our brains are fried as a result, perhaps we'll get the message that humanity as we know it is doomed!

What is worse is that I think that the average speed of pedestrians on the pavement in London has been halved by those all on their mobiles either texting/sending crap on social media/using handheld sat navs....gone are the 4mph days on foot!


Just bear in mind that in France the fine rate depends on how much over the limit you are. Go too fast and you'll find yourself with an immediate ban, your vehicle confiscated and a court appearance. Whatever you do, if stopped by the Gendarmerie or the Police Nationale,(in particular the CRS - Companie Republicaine de Sécurité) don't argue. They are very tolerant but if you manage to attract their attention then I guarantee that the experience will be a memorable one.
There is another opsion, DONT GO TO FRANCE. Big Grin

And before the French kick up, my sentiment is the same for London. Big Grin

It's a big world out there, and other country's will treat you better as a stoopid Englishman who doesn't know the roads or rules.

I find the USA, to be lenient on us Brits. I've been stopped several times. Some silly things, and SORRY  to say YES, some stoopid speeding figures.

But there state troopers, police etc. Have always been fair with us and let us go without fines. They have never spoilt our holidays Angel

That's why we started planning our next road trip before we even got back last year.

Well done USA, 

Perhaps all these problems in France are due to BREXIT. Everything else is Big Grin

Some years ago when our uk driving licences did not have photographs I was stopped for a minor traffic violation whilst driving in Arizona USA. The woman deputy sheriff was not happy and demanded a document including a photo. My passport was packed away in my suitcase in the boot and would have taken some time to access it. So being at the time a UK Police Officer and having my warrant card in my wallet complete with photo I showed it to her. After a thoroughly good dressing down from her (better than I could have done back home without getting into trouble) making me feel about 2 inches high whats more in front of my wife and 12 year old son she let me off. Saying " I won't write you one up now call it professional courtesy". I have always wondered if the paper work involved me being a foreigner was more than it was worth.

John Mason.
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

At least the French (and the rest of Europe) are taking speeding and its environmental effects seriously. I've been fortunate on my many trips to France and I like to imagine that with an interesting car and reasonably good French I can charm my way out of most tricky situations. My one encounter with the Gendarmerie (to ask a direction) left me glad we don't have a military style National Guard. A smile was not in their vocabulary!

If you want to go fast in France the to would seem that only way is on the péage and it costs quite a bit. This may explain why the roads are virtually empty.
I use a Sanef transponder device which allows you to go through the barriers without rooting for money or swiping your card but remember they may check your time between getting on and off and you may still get a ticket of you overdo it! They can probably take the fine from your bank account at the same time as the toll.
I'm waiting to hear if we're going to need Green Cards and individual health insurance instead of the invaluable EHIC...

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