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Windscreen iron
Good evening
One of the windscreen side irons has fractured at the top body securing screw on my 27 chummy. I cannot see how to remove the iron.
How is the side iron fixed to the lower section of screen. I can see it is attached but would the screw be inside the screen channel or is it from the outside and now painted over.
I hope I don't have to remove the glass from the channel first.
Many thanks.
countersunk screws from the outside. bet someone has been busy with the body filler. The brass channel is tapped to accept them
Thanks Hedd
Quickly removed the paint back to bare brass but no screw.
Used a very thin fretsaw blade to cut through the fastener and the iron is now free.
I can see holes in the screen surround but also evidence of tapped holes in the iron.
Would the screws have been screwed in the iron and only located in the screen rather than tapped?
Many thanks.
No, definitely as Hedd says, screws from the outside into tapped holes in the windcreen frame.
There may be small tapped holes on the inside of the steel pillar to hold the vacuum tube clips, there may be other tapped holes in the steel pillar for a mirror arm.
That's great information, and how I will put it back together.
Would there have been 2 screws each side into the lower screen. 2BA?
Is this how the screen would have been attached to the scuttle as well.
Many thanks.
the screen shouldnt be attached to the scuttle, just the irons on either side.
The screws in my Chummy are not 2 BA , they are an oddball pitch/size.I will take one out and see what it is
mine were at least the 3rd iteration. I effectively self tapped with some new stainless ones I found in a tin that were a tad oversize. If you saw my chummy, you would understand. Assembled, not restored.
Quick update.
This iron had been brocken before and soft soldered by the previous owner so no wonder it broke again. Ground it out and tig brazed it back together. Two new 2BA screws, a lick of paint and now back together.
Many thanks for your help. 

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