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Cozette No 4 Supercharger
Hi, I just wondered if any Austin 7 enthusiasts out there can help with advice re ‘big picture’ valuation of the following items:-
1. Cozette No 4 Supercharger
2. 3 speed gearbox for Austin 7
3. An Austin 7 steering arm
4. A pressure fed crank nose cone
I have attached pictures.

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I have just noted the name written at the bottom of the Supercharger - McGrath - hopefully this is Terry McGrath, a Forum user...

Thanks Ruairidh!
Singling out the 3 speed G'Box; I bought a standard one in average condition about 2 years ago from Tony Betts, I think I paid him £30 for it.
Sue, the other name on the supercharger is that of Alan McBeath. He had a batch of these made several year ago. Your Dad showed me this in his workshop last year, it’s in good nick. I’ll send you a private message with what I think it’s worth.
Alan Fairless
Thanks Ian! I’m trying to finalise the inventory ready for April!
You would probably get the best price for the supercharger on Ebay.
Hello Sue

I was in communication with Peter in Aug 2017 re these parts, I thought he had sold them.

If you pm me I can give you Peter's own description of what they are and his value of them.

Surprised the Racer's on the forum have not come up with any valuations, I have my own thoughts but have refrained
as I have Peter's values which are in my opinion very fair.

Best Wishes

And IMHO with unknown history (eg why was it removed) the steering arm should be scrapped unless crack tested and proved to be in good condition as a safety critical component.
I know they appear on ebay from time to time but personally, for perhaps a £15 sale, I wouldn't want to sell an item to hear that it was installed and then broke, resulting in a serious accident.

Andy B
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!
R.  the name on the Cozette is McBeath.  Presumably Alan?

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