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Poly bushes in suspension?
Hi guys,

In the middle of a much needed suspension overhaul and I was thinking about improving the handling and long term reliability with poly bushes in the leaf springs.

Anybody else done this? If so how do you find the handling? Any help and advice as always very much appreciated.


Unlikely to change the handling unless your current pins and bushes are really shot.
Maintenance free once fitted, possible less road noise, but it is an old car, how modern do you want
it.l have polybushed the rear springs on my Morgan, only because the pins seize in the metalastic bush, then the whole lot moves and wears the eyes in the Chassis.
One of the joys of the Seven is the traditional engineering. A practical person with a lathe can fix much often at very little cost. The front axle has to be located very rigidly fore and aft. Sorting this without resort to metal to metal contact is not straightforward. Non metallic bushes generally require more room than is available.
The lubrication requirements for normal hobby use are negligible, very simple in any case, and part of the fun.
I concede that the sideways location of the rear axle is not well suited to metal to metal. The spacing betwen spring eyes varies markedly with bumps and turns.
The handling peculiarities of Sevens are somewhat beyond such minor tweaks!
The only place that I use different bushes is on the shock absorber links.
Mine are delrin I have seen tufnol used as well.
The brass bushes in the axle eyes will last for years with a bit of grease and give good location.

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