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numbers on engine blocks
Hi I have no problems with the numbers for cars, chassis and engines but I can't seem to find information that tells me what the numbers stamped onto the engine blocks mean and how they relate to dates of the blocks. Some have AF3 or AF4. What does 1 A 504 then AF4 29.11.5 on my block translate to? There is also a plate on it stamped M238549 which I presume was a related engine number but no longer matches. The head is stamped 1A38 M4 and AF1 and I have various heads with other numbers.
I can see that my head, block and crankcase must probably come from 3 different cars!
I've looked in most of the usual books and can find next to nothing on these stampings.
I'm sure someone will have the answers!!!!
Regards and thanks Richard
Earlier blocks have screw in core plugs. There is usually an engine number stamped inside the valve chest at the lower front end and often on the flywheel too. The A F numbers are casting numbers. Presumably the last one you quotes is also a date in reverse. 1A is a part number.
"Austin Foundry (number) 4"  I'd guess.
November 1935 perhaps... that is a date stamp just like the head. one digit for the year.

There is a fairly recent thread with all the different LC head numbers on it. 38 is one of the earlier ones I think.

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