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Suitable horns
The horn on my Ulster rep whilst looking fairly new just offers a quiet peep. My first foray into all things 6 I expecting too much or are there some decent six volt horns about. My searches so far haven’t unearthed anything!
After trying to get a decent "parp" out of an original Rist horn but without success, I invested in this 6volt klaxon which I bought from this site: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

I painted mine black and it doesn't look out of place. It certainly ISN'T quiet!

available 6v or 12v and they will deliver to the UK

[Image: 20181014-142043.jpg]
Jays, I had a similar thought when I put a new Rist Replica horn on my Ulster Rep. After learning that at some point, original Ulsters(supercharged?) were fitted with Klaxettes, I found a fellow in Australia who has both 12 volt and 6 volt Klaxettes for sale in restored condition. Not inexpensive but they are the real deal and look correct. Most of all they have a nice loud note. [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

Erich in Seattle
When I put my Ruby back on the road, the horn was just about the only thing that I couldn't get to work well enough for the MOT.  So I invested in a temporary 6v moped/motorcycle horn - this was loud enough to do the job.  Later I learned that the old 6v horn could be made to work again by adjusting the 'points' in it.  This I have done, and it now produces a reasonable note.  However, I haven't got around to fitting it.  Meanwhile, a couple of other duff original 6v horns have come my way over the years - these were also made to work with a bit of fettling and adjustment.  However, I think it is more important than originality to ensure that any horn fitted on the car is loud enough - for when you need it.  

I must he lucky to have 3 Rists here, and a number of Klaxettes in both 6 and 12v.

Unfortunatley someone has messed with the Rist on the Chummy, and I am unable to get it to make the correct noise. Can anyone give tips on adjustment? Its the nuts and threaded bit thats been messed with.

I have a replica Rist which sounds diabolical. And I dont want to put a 6v Klaxette on the Chummy given I have the correct horn already on it.

I have a 6v Klaxette on the RP (as well as a Rist). That is not without its foibles. The tightness of the screws have a huge effect on the noise as does the health of the battery.

I might put a Klaxette on the Mondeo one day. Theres a 12v in stock too!.

This is what a good Klaxette sounds like (12v in this case)

[Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]
Jays - instead of a beep it should sound more like a choking chook - have you tried altering the adjustment?   Good Luck,  Cheers, Bill in Oz
I found a 1930's 6v Sonabel air horn on eBay. It's loud.
Bill, mines a modern horn that should beep rather than make the klaxon sound. I’ll get it off the car and check it out. I’d rather have the Rist type but have been told that the replica ones don’t sound very authentic! 

There seems to be very few 6v horns about....12v rules it seems!

PS. Looking further into this.....I know it doesn’t seem quite right for the era of the car but would a step up box to a 12v horn work?
This may help.
[Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

There always seem to be a few old 6v horns on ebay - some even said to work.


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