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Brooklands inlet manifold
I have a Solex MOV30 for my GE Brooklands replica, I understand that on the original Brooklands these were mounted on a fabricated steel inlet manifold.

Does anyone have any photos or drawings of what this looks like as I would like to make a replica if I can find out what they were like

Many Thanks

Hello Marcus  
I would suspect that the manifold will be the same as the unblown Ulster one . 
  Photographs below of one I had made copied from an original. The inlet stubs are the most difficult part to form as they are so short.

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Thanks Robert,

Those are very useful photos and in the absence of any further information it's the way I will go.


For what it's worth, I've made a few manifolds over the years, bends like the shallow curve on your inlet stub pipes are easily cut out of longer curved sections, the trick is getting both to be even which I generally do by building the manifold on a spare head to get the proportions right, and tack weld it together before transferring it to a thick steel plate for final welding

Another option is to use a cast aluminium manifold for a downdraft carburettor but turned upside down. John Barlow sells them for a bout £40 and they come with a double flange for the carburettor so you can just cut off the appropriate bits depending on the orientation of the carb. With a bit of fettling it looks quite nice and works well.

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John Barlow manifold

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Is your exhaust manifold bespoke Tom - it looks awesome!

Hello R,

Yes I had it made to my own design, it works well but as noted on the Alloy Cup thread it is real pain to fit and remove as the flange is below the toe board. Fingers crossed that it doesn't need to come off too often!

Mine is the same inlet manifold as posted by Terrytuned but fettled and polished to tidy up the casting.

Lovely job Tom. How do you rate it? I imagine it is more difficult to tune than an SU carb. Still contemplating fitting the 30MOV to my Ulster replica.
(15-03-2019, 02:09 PM)Dave Wortley Wrote: Lovely job Tom. How do you rate it? I imagine it is more difficult to tune than an SU carb. Still contemplating fitting the 30MOV to my Ulster replica.

I think its great, there are a couple of quite extensive threads on the subject on the old forum, but basically if you have one in good condition and with the right configuration of jet, jet carrier and choke tube (all available from Robert Foreman) then they should work straight out of the box, with maybe just a tweak of the slow running mixture control. Mine and my brother's both did, although I had some problems with the tick over last year which I hope will be sorted now I've had the throttle re-bushed by Rob.

Opinion seems to be divided on performance relative to an SU, I suspect pretty comparable unless you have a very highly tuned engine. The added bonus is that they look nice and don't need a fuel pump!

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