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Identify The Driver
A friend has asked if I can find out who the driver of this Grasshopperesque Seven is. Photo taken at Prescott in 1978. DVLA says the car hasn't been taxed since November 1981 and the Association Register notes it as a 'Query' having no details other than its registration number and that it belonged to a 750 member at some time in the past. 

.jpg   Prescott Seven.jpg (Size: 40.49 KB / Downloads: 361)


NB: Whilst I have permission to reproduce the photo on here, it is copyright and should not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.
Almost certainly Bill Alderton at the wheel at that time -he built the car as a kind of Grasshopper tribute. It would have been running with a Stuart Rolt built blown pressure lube motor back then.  I did a fair bit of work on this car at a later date. The car is still in existence but hasn't been on the road for a while.

Bill also built a Brooklands-ish special which had an OHV Reliant motor fitted; this car popped up with a local owner  on one of the Dutch Windmill runs  20 something years ago. A quick Google found it here [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]
Hi Steve  Bill Alderton sold the car at the end of the season 31 10 78 to concentrate on bringing his Riley Brooklands up to concours, so it is almost certain that he would have been the driver in the photo.  Stuart did a lot of work for the next owner and I bought it subsequently. The car is no longer supercharged. The car is in the queue for a rebuild if and when I can get around to it.
Thanks very much both. Information passed along.


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