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Stripping paint off Aluminum parts
(12-02-2019, 03:24 PM)Chris Garner Wrote: With a knife and fork, Chris!

Handy if you need to bolt your food. With apologies but I’m a bit jet lagged in San Francisco.
As my granny always used to say, washer your hands before you come to the table. My apologies, I'm busy sorting out the paperwork before crossing the border into Herefordshire this morning.
I used paint stripper at the end.

Was wondering about the left over stripper that might sit in the pores. I sanded the strip down with the orbital sander afterwards and will wash then down with solvent before paint.
I’ve always used Starchem Synstrip.. available through Ebay. Even that isn’t quite as nasty as it used to be .. but it will still cause flesh burns if not careful.
Castings, no substitute for aqua blasting alternatively soda blasting if oil ways are in evidence.

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