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Lucas MT wiper motor on a Mk I Ruby
I did take it all apart and experimented with different settings, the drive shaft (with the gear attached) engages with the spindle - the pin engagement is aligned with the hook, this can only really go in one position, so that in operation, as viewed from inside the car, the upside down "V" sweep is symmetrical, if off-set to the left, (which equates to just one tooth on the gear) the hook will hit the operating knob, off-set to the right, the problem is accentuated!. Mounting the spindle upside down (so it is pointing upwards) will still sweep across the screen, but the park would be totally 180-degrees out!

The type of wiper arm I have can be fitted to any position on the arm, but once tightened it is fixed and has to correspond with the hook, so that these are aligned, if it is not, then the wiper blade will want to wipe on the bodywork.

If the hook is forced into the rest position (engaging on the knob), the wiper arm is pushed out of alignment (not so tight as it cannot be rotated) and the next time of use, the blade is back wanting to wipe on the bodywork.

I have several spare motors and spindles, each spindle is identical with the drilling for the pin, i.e. aligned with the hook, so it is not a case of a spindle that is wrong, of course, without a wiper arm attached, the driveshaft can be disengaged and the hook readily positioned in park!

I am going to do a video to show this in operation, the screen action provides a decent sweep, the sweep angle should not make any difference as it is the disengagement from drive to park that is the problem, with insufficient turn of the hook inside the car to engage with the top of the switch being prevented by the arm/blade restricting movement.

The wiper arm is a modern Trico made to the pre-war pattern and has an overall length of 8" - I am wondering if the original length from the factory was shorter, which would make the blade nearer to the pivot point and whilst the angle is exactly the same, the shorter distance might more room for the park manoeuvre to take place? The geometry is still the same, so it should not make any difference.

The blade is 8" as well.

I also wondered if the original wiper arm was underslung to the spindle pivot point, which would allow more swing to engage park, or was there some form of articulation in the original wiper arm that allowed park to engage.

As it is currently set-up, the blade will sit in the gap between the windscreen and the aperture, so it is sort of located in a rest position, (the hook then being horizontal in the car as per my photo) the wiper action works correctly (it didn't before as it wiped the bodywork), so it is better than it was in terms of functionality, but I can't fathom why it will not park, it seems I can have one action but not the other!

An original arm might help give an answer...
Here is a link to a Youtube video taken earlier this afternoon to demonstrate the wiper operation, very good screen-clearing ability, which I am happy with, just the parking!

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