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I have a photo and bill of sale (1957 ) of a 1939 black Morris Series E  CCR 732 .  My old aunt owned the car, but i kept the information just i could find the new owner, who is very welcome to it..
  Also papers and insurance ( twelve pounds 3 shillings) on again another Morris series E  1939  FOC 732, could this be your car??   Anyone out there who would like them  ( free )  Email me..
As you all know i am  a new member, not too sure of the workings of forum..   I do realize that this is not Austin but some members do have other cars, or maybe friend that know of these cars.. It is great to find out something of your old car, is't it??

Neither registrations are listed on the DVLA Database, mycarcheck nor the Morris Register's database of present and past members Series E Eight's - so it's not looking promising that either car has survived the years, but you never know, one or both could still be out there somewhere waiting to be discovered.
Thank you both for your info on the Morris cars.. Just trying to help someone.
Try the Morris Register?


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 

I've been a Morris Register member since 1972 and have checked their up to date Vehicle Database of members past and present and neither registration shows up. If Arthur wishes I can mention the paperwork he has on the MR members only Forum. Alternatively Arthur could send an email to for inclusion in the 'Letters to the Editor' page in Morris Monthly magazine - this might be his best option as only a relatively small proportion of MR members engage with the Forum.


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