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Cheap C/B crank

That was a come and get me Big Grin
Spill the beans Tony. What did it make?

Hi Charles,

Sorry to keep you in suspenders.

Carried on down to deepest Wales last night and took a b&b. As I had a load of stuff to collect this morning. Forgot to take my catalogue in with me.

Anyhow, the crank sold for £860.00 plus 15% commission. The holes in the jernals were very small, and not finished machined properly. I know I shouldn't do it, BUT I blow in the end of the crank, (probably the 20th dirty old man to do that on the day ). And the was very little air flow. I see shells melting in someone's future.

Other items to note, 

lot 3 sold for £390.00 plus commission. It wasn't a great system. Expensive unless  the price was for the 'GN silencer'

Lot 20 sports front axle £480 plus commission, appears rebuilt. Thought to be etc. Was it eck as like. Not from the road dirt on the hubs, or do we include 10,000 miles on the road today as test.

Lot 21 sold for £210. A pair of hydraulics in there. But the four fixing holes were square? not cut from girling centres? Do they work?

Lot 32 road springs £170.00 plus. That was me, and I know it was expencive. But they are for a customer.

Lot 37 engine I think with commission came to £860.00 I tyred to turn it on the came but it was seized. The head had been off and put back on. Perhaps they didn't like what was inside?

Something to mull over for those who think everything is to expensive.


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