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Devon A7 Club Hatherleigh Autojumble 08-10-2017
Date: 08-10-2017

Devon A7 Club Hatherleigh Autojumble

Organised by Devon Vintage Car Club

Once again this year, we have booked an inside space at this event with the objective of providing a meeting point for Devon Austin Seven Club members and to sell surplus parts on their behalf.
The sale of parts will be a FREE service to members BUT
We can only accept parts for sale on the following basis:-
Every part or collection of parts must have a tie on luggage label attached with the membership  number
( NO NAME PLEASE) and the price required.
When the item is sold the label will be cut off and kept with the money to be returned to the member.
Members can, if they wish, indicate on the label how much reduction they are willing to give to `hagglers`. This will be indicated by adding a letter, ( A, B, or C ) after the price, `A` will entitle the stallholder to give a maximum of 10% reduction, `B` 20% and `C` 50%.
e.g. a label could read….Mem No 5. - £100   B.
(Selling for member No.5, price £100 possible 20% reduction)
We are aware that there is always a certain amount of pilfering goes on at these events and whilst the people on the stall will be as vigilant as possible neither the individual nor the club can accept responsibility for any losses. Why not come along and help on the stall for an hour or so - that way you can keep an eye on your spares, help the club, and have a good day out.
If you are willing to volunteer for all or part of the day, or have spares to sell,  please contact: David Aylmore - Contact details on the back page.
Together with John Pine, we have sorted out another load of spares from Ralph Villis’s  workshop to take to Hatherleigh. There is a good variety of spares and we are still unearthing ‘new’ items, so if there is
anything you want, please let me know.  We know that Ralph would have wanted as many spares as
possible to be put to good use by members, rather than be sold to the general public, so why not come along on Sunday and have a rummage. If the bit you are looking for is not on the stand, or you can’t get along to Hatherleigh, we may well be able to find it for you, so don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail or give me a
telephone call.
David Aylmore

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