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Improving feet space in a Special
Hi All
Trying to fit my size 10's around the brake and accelerator pedals is a challenger.
I have noticed some Specials/Ulsters have a bulge plate added to the bodywork, does anybody know where I can purchase.
Any other ideas would be welcome. 

On a different subject my car has a Zenith 26 VME carburettor fitted, unfortunately the copper fuel inlet pipe which has to bend 180 degrees has been kinked. Question is can these be purchased from a supplied or do I have to attempt to make myself ?
Many thanks.
Stainless steel pudding bowl with a flanged rim ??
I never drive a Seven in anything but flat-soled canvas boat shoes. Size 11, no probs, no need to hack the car about. My only gripe is they've doubled in price in the last few years.

Bending your own copper pipe is not hard if you anneal it first - heat till it glows dark red and quench in cold water.
At Bicester Heritage last autumn I watched a 'teardrop' being made that would be ideal for your purpose. It was done on an English Wheel by someone from Clement & Boggis who really knew what they were doing. Took very little time but a large amount of skill. I was going to go on their one day course where you learn to create a teardrop but didn't get round to booking it. [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

I suggest you try and find a suitable firm to make one for you. Should not be huge money.

.jpg   _DSC1197.JPG (Size: 395.94 KB / Downloads: 360)

.jpg   cowl6-1.jpg (Size: 27.65 KB / Downloads: 342)
.jpg   bonnet3.jpg (Size: 152.47 KB / Downloads: 344)

I can make something if you can give me a dimension and maybe a sketch.
I have seen one made from an Austin sump, and of course a frying pan!
I have just 'retired' a frying pan and can post to you (sans handle)!
Baking trays were used on 750MC specials for a while.
Fuelmpipe is no problem you can get small pipe benders from eBay that will do 
6mm 8mm 10mm pipe to do fuel and other pipes for less than ,£10 .
Mine works very well on copper pipes
My problem I ask questions that other people don't like?
Like have you got that for an investment or for fun?
I made a bulge for the side panel of our new single seater, took about 3 hours from start to the rough finish. Add about another 2 to 3 hours to final finish ready for paint. I used 1.2mm ductile aluminum sheeting. I shaped mine using my planishing hammer, but a sand bag and bossing mallet would have done the same job with a bit more sweat equity.

My single seater is offset so a really tight fit with 3 pedals on the RHS of the motor. The bulge was critical as the throttle pedal is actually in the curve. Even so with standard shoes there are only 2 pedals down there, with my skinny little racing shoes... Voila... 3 pedals.

I've found that heating the aluminum with a propane torch prior to working it makes it much easier to shape, especially when doing tight bends like wire beading edges etc.

Agree on annealing copper to make it soft, the action of bending it will work-harden it again. Fuel lines should have a loop or better still, a double loop in them to absorb vibration and prevent cracks. I made a double loop for the top of the one single seater radiator cap, (primitive condenser but it looks very 'period') it's a very tight curl, about 1" in the inside, I bent it around schedule water pipe. Annealed the copper pipe very well and then filled it with dry building sand and plugged the ends before bending it.

In your shoes, I'd take Cardiffrob up on his offer and let him fabricate exactly what you need....


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