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Fabric Joint Propshaft Lengths
little raised triangle on underside of spider of 20"; nothing at all on a 19.5"...
Firstly not saying David K is wrong in that BP 73 and BP 93 are both 19.5" long, as who can be 100% and I suppose is why we share info

I found the prop with the part number it is hard to read but belive it is 7087 A1 so BP 73, forgot to measure it  Sad

.jpg   IMG_7683 (002).jpg (Size: 50.4 KB / Downloads: 44)

Also had a look at the index cards and noticed that the part number for BP28 is hand amended to the same as BP93.  Does this mean they are the same length?.....   Should I just give up....

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well observed!

With the length of the carden socket being 3" or so, then one might assume that 1/2" variation could allow generic use when replacement became due.

Where should the carden blocks 'sit' in the joint/socket when fitted on level ground/car not weighted?

Perhaps we now need to measure axle to carden joint lengths on the three types of axle.

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