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Tyres in Aus
(11-01-2019, 12:08 PM)Mark Dymond Wrote: Thanks all, Ive emailed Longstone regrading options and Ill compare to the price of the Avons locally - cheapest wins.
I assume the sensible next step is to measure the runout on the rims. I'm thinking I could measure this by mounting each wheel to a rear hub with the car on axle stands.

What sort of runout is considered acceptable, hints relating to technique from the wise and experienced appreciated .

Mark - my ex-Kiwi friends tells me he was approached by Longstone to be their agents, but he has been so busy with restoration work he hasn't as yet given it serious thought.  Coincidentally, another ex-Kiwi I know is the Blockley's agent here, but so far my attempts to phone him have failed miserably.  But another thought - our A7 Club here in Melbourne has 3.50x19s in Spares and although they only sell to members, I think they still have some arrangement to sell spares to the Western Australian Club.  Check with the latter.  If you're not a member of either club, suggest one year's subscription would be cheaper than importing tyres fro Overseas?  Good Luck,  Cheers,  Bill in Oz

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