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Cold Turkey Trial - 29 December 2018
750 Motor Club, Tunbridge Wells Centre invite you to take part in the Cold Turkey Trail at Tulley's Farm, near Crawley, West Sussex on 29 December 2018.

Classes for standard, modified and special Austin Sevens competing on challenging hills and hollows but nothing designed to break your car! Good access from the road, parking for cars and trailers, and (we hope) Ruth's catering van for early breakfast, lunchtime, and afternoon tea!

Entry costs £20 and forms from :
A kindly old Austin owner suggested I remind anyone who is looking for a little outdoor trialling after Christmas that there is still time to enter the Cold Turkey Trial at Tulley's Farm, near Crawley. Email me for an entry form
can we come and watch for free, Barry.. if we aren't quite ready in the car department yet?
I went last year Jon. The spectating is very informal, really good and simple format to the sections. You enjoy it.
Do come along - it's free to watch. Better still, why not volunteer to help? It will give you something to do- and help you keep warm! 
Email Mike Stone (see end of leaflet below).

.jpg   Trials leaflet.jpg (Size: 229.01 KB / Downloads: 654)
Nick - I may have kids in tow and/or be on a "pop in for a bit" timetable, so won't offer this time, but will ask what it all entails for a future time...
Just building my list of "events I might go to next year" - anyone got a list of dates for these in 2019? (...and other events as well)
DavidL - dates for next year to be decided in January - usually two events (could be more if we get enough interest)
JohnE - visitors welcome (including dogs and children on leads). Please be aware that the organisers have to tell all participants and spectators that 'motor sport is dangerous'.
We will be there, three generations of Harris family coming! (Starting to realise we need another "well used" saloon for the cause.)
How about an attractively tatty Chummy ?

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