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The symptoms of a 3 bearing crank failure?
(12-12-2018, 04:59 PM)Chris KC Wrote: The standard advance setting is fairly conservative. 24 deg at full advance (>4500 rpm let's say) is OK on a strong, soundly built engine (n.b. I'm talking about engine speed and angle not distributor).

The old way was to set timing then slog up a hill in top gear; if the engine pinked you would back it off a bit. 'Unfortunately' pinking is a thing of the past and doesn't happen with modern fuels. An engine which is over advanced does sound noticeably harsh though (to a trained ear) - if in doubt play safe.

Those who use electronic ignition units say they are a little harder to set up but run much better - the amount of slop in an old DK4 leads to wide scatter in timing. If you stick with the original try to make sure it's in peak condition - new bushes and advance springs are available as are drive gears.

Three quarters of a litre will never compete with a modern turbocharged motor , don't even try ! 
I keep well to the left and watch like a hawk  Big Grin

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