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Clutch assembly
(06-11-2018, 08:32 PM)Howard Wright Wrote:
(06-11-2018, 07:47 PM)Charles Levien Wrote:
(06-11-2018, 07:23 PM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: Derek's photos show the tool fitted to his Rosengart engine - this would appear to be a good idea for Austin three speed clutches, thanks for sharing!

Interesting to see no mousetrap springs  — how does that work?


Hi Charles

Early cars (3 speed gearboxes? someone will say how early?) don't have mousetraps to hold the clutch together but rely on the toggles being wired together.  I compress the clutch plates as Derek shows, then tie up the toggles with wire to transfer the clutch assembly to the flywheel.  Then use the alignment tool for final centring.


Ah yes, I remember now — it’s been a long time since I was involved with three speed boxes. I fitted a close ratio three speed, done by Jack French, to my special back in 1987. Needed a spacer to lengthen the prop shaft. After a year or so I opted for a later cr four speed ( Don Rawson) which I now have. I think the three speed cr would be great for racing but for a road car, four gears better than three.

I use an allen key to locate the springs, works well for me!

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