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What have you done today with your Austin Seven
(19-04-2019, 05:59 PM)Alan Wrote: 40 odd each way run to Curborough to watch the VSCC playing.  Lots of Austin Sevens. 2 miles from home the Chummy started to lose power.  Cup of tea later I went to investigate. Nothing wrong.  I think it was overcome by the heat. I suppose at 92 years old you can forgive it.

Didn't see you there, Alan. Hope you didn't witness my 'Two Wheel Trevor' moment on T1 Sad Thought I might have got away with Mrs. J finding out (she doesn't like me doing things like that) but elder Daughter got the photos!

Never felt quite 'on it' all day. The new gearing makes it a very different car but I still did a PB (just). I think the IoM next week and the need not to break the car was always in the back of my mind. Dan beat me by 0.16 seconds but his wasn't a PB. He admitted to short-shifting on his last run - the IoM factor again. We're double entered on all three hillclimbs there as well so we're looking at the equivalent of 8 events in 8 days.

Steve, what you need to do is let her drive it, too. When Judy started driving, we went from “be careful won’t you?” To “why won’t it go any faster?” In about three meetings.
Alan Fairless

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