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VSCC Prescott Long Course Hill Climb 23-09-2017
Date: 23-09-2017

VSCC Prescott Long Course Hill Climb

From the VSCC Website

"Since its introduction in 2014, our ‘Long Course’ Hill Climb at Prescott has proved a hugely popular addition and thus separates from the traditional weekend to become its own standalone event towards this year’s Speed Championship this September.
Incorporating the ‘Ettore’s Loop’ extension, the longer circuit provides a ‘new’ challenge for Competitors and a real spectacle for those watching trackside as the usual array of Edwardian, Vintage and PVT Racing and Sports-Cars are joined by invited Post-war machinery.
The day will feature the usual free access to the Competitor Paddock as well as onsite catering facilities throughout the day."

Spectator tickets

In Advance
Members - £10 
Non-Members - £12

On the day
Members & Non-Members - £15

Practice runs start around 9:00AM

Check the VSCC website for more details [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]
Great day at VSCC Prescott Saturday. Dad, Myself and my brother were up early for the 102 mile drive up there in Rosie and Percy. We arrived around 10:15, as first practice was coming to an end. We parked in the orchard where the front half was reserved for 'pre war' (and some classic) cars as per usual VSCC Prescott tradition. There were over 40 pre war cars from a wide range of makes assembled by lunchtime, a number of classics, 4 Austin 7s including us. Competing on the hill there was also a great variety as usual with the VSCC, including 22 Sevens. Lunchtime we walked round the paddock, before grabbing lunch with the cars and having a good chat with a few Austin seven people. In the morning the weather had been fairly overcast, but in the afternoon, the sun shone on the competitive runs and made for good times including many class records. Sevens took class honours in 3 of the 4 classes that they are eligible for, with the winner of the 4th, the up to 1100CC Racing cars, 'Grannie' utilising many Austin 7 bits. Runs finished around 5 o'clock and we headed 46 miles south to our campsite for the night, before visiting [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register] on Sunday.

I'll start with photo's of the classes with 7's then photo's of the winners of the remaining classes. Followed by spectators cars...

Class 1 for Standard and Modified Cars up to 750CC Unsupercharged

1st Peter Howatt, 1931 'Ulster' Replica 68.71s (Class Record General)

2nd (1st Vintage) Joe Tisdall, 1930 'Ulster' Replica? 69.94s (Class Record Vintage)

3rd Don Adams, 1929 'Ulster' Replica 72.10s

4th Penny Jones, 1931 'Ulster' Replica 72.90s

5th (1st on Handicap) Daniel Hunter, 1934 'Ulster' Replica 74.47s
Shared car, see 7th place

6th Kristoffer Aarhus-Hudson, 1930 'Ulster' Replica 74.77s

7th Steve Jones, 1934 'Ulster' Replica 74.96s

8th Clare Mudie, 1930 'Ulster' Replica 75.43s

9th (2nd on Handicap) Peter Johnson, 1929 GE Cup Replica 82.67s
Class 2 for Standard and Modified Cars 751-1100CC Unsupercharged and up to 750CC Supercharged

1st Jeremy Flann 1928 Supersports (SC) 63.03s (Class Record Vintage & General)

Other cars in the class included Brooklands Riley 9's, Various MG's including a blown C Type Montlhery Midget, a Salmson GS8, and a Vale Special, but Jeremy Flann and the Supersports, were over 2.5 seconds clear of 2nd in the class.

Class 8 for Specials up to 1100CC unsupercharged, and up to 750CC supercharged

1st Graham Beckett, Simplicity (1930) 63.96s

2nd David Furnell, The Toy (1930) 64.45s

5th Claire Furnell-Williams, The Toy (1930) 67.00s
Shared Car, see 2nd Place.
Other cars in the class were 1100CC and Riley 9 Powered one being a Riley 9, and the other an Amilcar CGSs. The other seven of Richard Walker retired after first practice.

Class 13 for Racing Cars up to 1100CC

1st Gary Clare, Grannie (1928 1100CC) 57.15s (Class Record Vintage & General)

4th Stuart Roper Marshall, 1934 7 Special 61.00s

5th (2nd on Handicap) Vince Donaz, 1934 Sidevalve Rep 61.01s

6th Robert Moore, 1927/31 Pigsty Special 62.58s
Shared Car, see 13th Place

7th Jean-Louis Donaz, 1934 Sidevalve Rep 64.52s
Shared Car, See 5th Place

9th Heloise Davies, 1930 'Way' Ulster 64.95s

10th (1st on Handicap) Charles Somers, 1931 'Ulster' Replica 65.04s

Class 13 to be continued...
Class 13 Continued

12th Charles Leith, 1930 'Hummingbird' Special 66.66s

13th India Walker, 1927/31 Pigsty Special 66.82s

14th Stephanie Wilton, 1935 Sidevalve Rep 67.40s

15th George Scholey, 1930 'Ulster' Replica 67.94s

16th Francesca Wilton, 1935 Sidevalve Rep 68.00s

17th David Asplin, 1934 'Ulster' Replica 74.90s

Retired - David Hubble & Peter Aspin shared 1930 Ulster Replica (SC)

Other Cars in the Class included a Blown Riley 9 Single Seat Special,  a Blown 1084CC MG Q Type Replica, Bugatti/Riley Gillow Special and a Morgan Super Aero.
Class 3 for Standard & Modified Cars 1101-1500CC UnSC, and 751-1100CC SC

1st Edward Williams, 1929 Frazer Nash Super Sports 1496CC 55.09s (Class Record Vintage & General)

Class 4 for Standard & Modified Cars 1501-2000CC UnSC, and 1101-1500cc SC

1st Alistair Pugh, 1939 Frazer Nash/BMW 328 1971CC 59.26s (Class Record General)

Class 5 for Standard & Modified Cars 2001-3000CC UnSC & 1501-2000CC SC & Class 6 for Standard & Modified Cars Over 3000CC unSC & Over 2000CC SC Combined

1st John Fack, 1935 Railton Light Sports 4168CC 59.61 (Class 6 Record General)

Class 7 for Automobile Engined Edwardian Cars

1st Hugh Mackintosh, 1917 Hudson Super Six Racer 4736CC 66.93s

Class 9 for Special Cars 1101-1500CC UnSC and 751-1100CC SC

1st Michael James 1935 Riley 12/4 Special 1496CC 55.09s (Class Record General)

Class 10 for Special Cars 1501-3000CC UnSC and 1101-2250CC SC

1st Alex Peacop, 1929 Frazer Nash/AC Special 1991CC 58.36s 

Class 11 for Special Cars over 3000CC UnSC and Over 2250CC SC

1st Tom Waterfield, GN/Ford Special 'Dragonfly' 3285CC 55.48CC (Class Record Vintage & General)

Class 14 Racing Cars 1101-1500CC

1st Ben Fidler ERA AJM1 1488CC SC 52.04s

It was a close battle between Ben Fidler and Terry Crabb (ERA R12C) in the end only 3 hundredths separated the two.

Class 15 Racing Cars 1501-3000CC

1st Nick Toplis ERA R4D 1980CC SC 49.42s Fastest Time of the Day (Class Record General)

Class 16 Racing Cars over 3000CC

1st Julian Grimwade Frazer Nash/Alvis Norris Special 3571CC 51.52s

2nd (1st Vintage) Roin Tuluie 1929 Riley Menasco Pirate 5953CC 52.04s (Class Record Vintage)

Full results are available from the VSCC Website.

A selection of the spectator cars to follow...
As I mentioned, there were 4 Austin Sevens spectating us included.

1929 AD Tourer

1934 RP

Rosie & Percy

And a selection of the other cars...

1908 Humber 10-12

1925 Sunbeam 14-40

1927 Swift P Type

1928 Lea Francis P Type

Thanks for reading, and do reply if you've liked the report and pictures.
(28-09-2017, 01:24 AM)Timothy P Wrote: As I mentioned, there were 4 Austin Sevens spectating us included.

1929 AD Tourer

1934 RP

Rosie & Percy

And a selection of the other cars...

1908 Humber 10-12

1925 Sunbeam 14-40

1927 Swift P Type

1928 Lea Francis P Type

Thanks for reading, and do reply if you've liked the report and pictures.

What an excellent coverage- brilliant photographs with great captions.

Thank you.

Cheers, Tony.
I will second that!
Location: Auckland NZ
Thank you for your kind words Tony & Ian, really glad you liked it.
It was a superb weekend out with our cars, and it's great to be able to share a bit of it with everyone on here.

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