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It's Sunday and I'm bored...
Extracting many reliable miles just by applying own skills and little money to parts abandoned by others is very satisfying, if not as necessary as years ago.
One item I add is a light spring to take lost motion out of the advance linkage. looks primitive but effective..
(16-10-2018, 12:47 AM)squeak Wrote: pleased to see the anniversary gold rosettes are surviving. We were privileged to drive this in Guildtown, I was secretly appalled at the sounds of wear and tear Wink

Not that secret Russell - your face told all! Big Grin Big Grin

Can’t quite bring myself to remove the rossettes, was a good do and I am glad you are both there.

It's still raining here and I'm still bored...

For as many years as I've had my RP the fuel gauge has never worked. It constantly shows 2 gallons but there's no power to it. Like Ruairidh I use a substitute, which is probably just as reliable. In my case it's not a stick, but a metal rod with graduations relative to the tank's contents. In the case of the RP with rear tank the graduations are 1"5/16ths apart for each gallon remaining. The rod sits quite happily in the driver's door map pocket, being readily available and easy to use. As a Yorkshireman I always like a belt & braces approach to things so I always carry a spare gallon just in case - the odometer doesn't work either.

[Image: 20181016-114016.jpg]

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