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Oil tight Austin Seven?
And then what? I suspect the owner may quickly tire of his toy.
It fitted well in your Transit Martin!
If this is not actually some extremely elaborate spoof I’m truly astonished.
An e-Minor is already running:-

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Theres also a e-Frog Eye Sprite
I am sold on this. Does anyone know if you have any problems with DVLA. I might have the first electric Ruby. Only joking I like mine a lot nearer to the way it left Longbridge.

John Mason
Running a Seven on a shoe string budget.
I can see that you might fit an electric motor but not where you would stow a meaningful battery...then there's the weight...
This is the owner's fifteenth Seven, the battery pack goes in place of the rear seat, and will give a 100 mile range. He's been in touch with the DVLA and they are quite happy provided it doesn't do 0 to 60 in 2 seconds.
I have a electric car can I put a Austin 7 engine in if for fun ????
Do you think dvla will like it !
"the battery pack goes in place of the rear seat, and will give a 100 mile range"

Some interesting comments, I am very much in agreement with Martin on this. Seems one of the justifications for the conversion was the limited range of a 5 gallon fuel tank, well if Dave is correct the owner has well and truly fixed that problem!
Location: Auckland NZ

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