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AllAlloyCup progress

.jpeg   6E2399E5-82BD-4184-AACD-A92064506BBA.jpeg (Size: 58.5 KB / Downloads: 103)
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With the new steel crank in place in the crankcase, I thought 
I’d measure up how much I need to cut 
off the long starting handle shaft that came in the box of bits.
One size seems to be 7 7/8th for a coil engine
But I thought I’d measure up in situ ( about 7 1/2”) as
The rad shell position is now Fixed! 

So now need to cut the shaft and mill a flat into the shaft
For the cotter pin that secures the handle,
Making sure that it “parks” correctly.

Assembling and fitting pistons next
While waiting for bits to fit the tail cover.


Bill G

Aka AllAlloyCup
Based near the Scottish Border, 

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