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All Alloy Cup progress
Looking superb Bill.
Very impressive work on the wings, must be great seeing them take shape.
Superb job Bill - great to see!


.jpeg   ED1C5E6D-D42C-4B9D-8013-5EB10F7918A3.jpeg (Size: 67.23 KB / Downloads: 278)
.jpeg   F75F3E9B-44A6-45FF-8C10-4256B1E7249B.jpeg (Size: 64.7 KB / Downloads: 279)
.jpeg   B1C4FD39-105E-42E7-B426-2187ACAA5BE4.jpeg (Size: 65.6 KB / Downloads: 278)

Thanks for the kind comments ,

Working on jobs that can be done in 
the house rather than the garage.

Just assembled the hood frame from 
bits forged in the living room coal fire!

Plus building up the rear numberplate assembly
Hoping to paint my own numbers this week.

Still wondering if I can get on the 
Road for my August birthday?!!!

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
(04-03-2018, 08:14 PM)AllAlloyCup Wrote: Still wondering if I can get on the 
Road for my August birthday?!!!

As Mr Barnes says - do a bit every day. I see no reason why that date is not achievable, I hope to pop in before then...!

Despite the cold weather I’m making steady progress on the coachwork
And wings on the AllAlloyCup

Front wings nearly complete with some adjustment needed on the front of one wing.
Rear wing method proved and hopefully both will be fitted in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Then it’s only the tail cover to make, easily the hardest part for a beginner like me.

Will attempt to make it in two halves this time. As the one sheet method
Gave a result good enough for covering with fabric but not nice enough to be bare alloy
Which is the Achilles heel of this project.

It will be good to get onto mechanical and electric fitting soon!


Bill G
Aka AllAlloyCup

.jpeg   9529FA95-1372-48F8-91C7-0529E30F5341.jpeg (Size: 106.86 KB / Downloads: 152)
.jpeg   9529FA95-1372-48F8-91C7-0529E30F5341.jpeg (Size: 106.86 KB / Downloads: 152) [attachment=2508]
.jpeg   98970886-1A1F-4B86-BE1E-37ED7C376B3E.jpeg (Size: 46.58 KB / Downloads: 153)

Attached File(s)
.jpeg   814FE79F-A9D1-46EB-9752-989EC3858BCF.jpeg (Size: 82.19 KB / Downloads: 150)
.jpeg   AB4C991E-C43C-423E-AA76-81CB2E37FC79.jpeg (Size: 73.52 KB / Downloads: 149)
.jpeg   9448031F-BE53-4BBE-9210-155E10A017E6.jpeg (Size: 47.7 KB / Downloads: 149)
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Well done Bill, braver than most and each part a step closer!


.jpeg   BA6425B9-8D53-4EB7-825B-21819B3434A4.jpeg (Size: 60.36 KB / Downloads: 3,186)

After a summer of landscaping and slab laying it’s good to
Get back to car building!

I’m halfway through reassembling the 3 Speed Box with
New close ratio gears and bearings.

Also about to build the 1 1/8th coil engine with a new steel crank, pistons, 
valves and bearings, plus newly refurbed rods.

All the alloy coachwork and alloy wings and bonnet I’ve fabricated
are finished bar the tail cover which is still work in progress.

Decisions needed on the rad core and rad shell when funds permit.

As the cold weather beckons I’m looking forward to starting the wiring.


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Great relief here at the AllAlloyCup garage as the last piece of Alloy bodywork for the
GE Cup Special comes together. 

Many thanks to my pal Pete for forming this difficult panel from a single sheet of 16SWG
In just a couple of days or so! As I don’t intended having fabric
Covering on this car it was critical to have this panel looking smart.

Looks like Spring 2019 for project completion when I can start to learn how to master
The 3 speed gearbox and the uncoupled brakes!

Thanks too to Jim and Neil for technical and moral support on this build,
Without their help I would have really struggled.

Bill G

.jpeg   E1F4D71F-B2E7-4F10-BAE5-AA5E67733BCA.jpeg (Size: 53.56 KB / Downloads: 3,074)

.jpeg   2CA0915A-6E34-4739-B348-1BDFD62EC0A4.jpeg (Size: 48.35 KB / Downloads: 3,077)

.jpeg   86354544-283F-4EA9-BEC9-A1D6B0FB6808.jpeg (Size: 54.14 KB / Downloads: 3,070)
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Looks lovely - can we see it fitted on the body?

Hi Ruairidh,

Perhaps next week? Busy engine building this week.

Some final tidying on the wings still to do as well.

How’s the fabric covering getting on?

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 

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