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Old Garage Pictures
Hi russel,

That's cheating.

You should have asked for picture 3 as a clue.

Just be careful it is BANDIT country.



Here is my personal favourite down under.

Love love love the advertising.

Banksy has nothing on this one.


Whilst we're on a Down Under theme, perhaps of interest only to Victorian (Australia) viewers, Thanks to Tony Press & the Austin Seven Club here recently gave the Austin A40 Club of Oz a great heap of photos showing Austin Dealerships in Victoria and Riverina in the '50s. Chances are the some of the same dealers existed prewar 2, so if you know who first sold your Seven, I can email you a photo while I'm sorting them out. All photos, including Austin Distributors Pty.Ltd stands at Motor Shows, their Sales & Showroom interiors etc, will be later placed on the A40 website. My email is Cheers, Bill in Oz

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