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RP Speeds
(12-07-2018, 11:25 AM)Chris KC Wrote: Back in the day I routinely scraped off a thick deposit from head and piston crowns, with an assortment of not-too-sharp knives, wire brushes and what-have-you. Couldn't tell you when I last did it though.

I also used to set my ignition timing by taking the car up the cliffside at Stoke Fleming and backing off bit by bit till she stopped pinking. Nowadays I have no idea when it is right!

My Mk 1 Ruby is a hot-rod, having a Mk 2 cylinder head which adds 2-3 bhp. It will do a genuine 56mph, and will cruise on motorways at the same speed as lorries (which saves you getting blown away when they overtake).
I suppose it will blow up soon.

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